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    Wire Rope Hoisting

    Wire Rope Hoisting

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    • 21 - 12 - 2018
    • By Wire Rope Australia
    Wire Rope Hoisting

    Wire rope hoisting allows you to transport heavy loads easily and safely. Read more to find out how.

    Wire rope hoisting refers to any wire rope or cable within a movable pulley used to transport heavy loads up and down.

    How it Works

    A hook at the cable end holds the item firmly. An operator typically uses a hand control motor unit to manipulate the pulley to whichever way it should go. The trolley system within the hoists enables the motor and the pulley to follow a specific track. Wire rope hoisting makes transportation of various loads much easier.


    Wire rope hoisting is useful because a regular fiber wire rope is not sufficient to lift enormous objects. When conditions are harsh or when there is a need for special functions, a regular fiber wire rope breaks easily. A hoist on the other hand, can withstand the pressure from the object that needs to be elevated. It moves any item in a firm and stable manner – not possible with regular rope. This is why factories, warehouse operations, and construction firms prefer to use wire rope hoisting over regular fiber ropes.

    Extra Heavy Lifting Requirements

    In certain situations, such as those which require lifting of larger items, wire rope hoisting needs some back up for elevating heavy objects. In these cases, extra pulleys for equal distribution of the weight is useful. This strategy involves minimal strain on the rope hoist, but increases its carrying capacity without the risk of breaking either the hoist or the pulleys. Also, reducing friction helps the rope work effectively. The other end of the cable is held at a fixed point. You can find the fixed point in trolley unit housing. However, stationary units do not usually have trolleys. In these cases, your alternative is to attach the cable end to other fixed points like a beam or to the ground. This makes operation more flexible.

    Working with wire Rope Hoisting

    A machine operator moves the cable to the direction where the load should go. using hand controls to simplify the movement. Another person would be responsible for monitoring the wire rope hoist and adjusting the cable when the need arises. Obviously this type of lifting and similar application involves safety risks. Operators of wire rope hoisting equipment undergo proper training to enable them to determine the appropriate type of wire rope to use in a particular hoisting application. They would also be trained to calculate ideal distances and estimate load-bearing capacities to maintain safety at work.

    Choosing Your Wire Rope

    Obviously, selecting the appropriate wire rope for your hoisting application is important on two counts. First, it ensures work safety and second, it spells success. Because this decision is critical to success, review this quick guide on selecting the appropriate wire rope for your particular application. And when you are ready, send us an enquiry and let us supply your wire rope hoisting requirements.

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