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    Wire Rope Fittings, Tools, and Accessories

    Wire Rope Fittings, Tools, and Accessories

    • Wire Rope Info
    • 21 - 12 - 2018
    • By Wire Rope Australia
    Wire Rope Fittings, Tools, and Accessories

    Because it enables you to bend, twist, cut or strengthen wire rope, fittings, tools, and accessories help you get the most out of your wire rope.

    Wire rope is a strong, flexible, heavy cable made from metal wire threads intertwined together. Steel is the common material used in wire rope. Other substances may also be present to enhance its characteristics. Wire rope fittings, tools, and accessories enhance the performance of the rope, sometimes compensates for flaws.

    Depending on the type of wire rope, it can be resistant to rust and corrosion. It can also withstand salt water environment, cold climates, and harsh chemical treatments. It is usually resistant to crushing and abrasion.

    Wire Rope Fittings

    Wire rope fittings are essential to the operational use of wire rope in various industries. As used in engineering, building and construction, marine, aircraft, and similar applications, fittings join one part of a machine to one end of a wire rope. The same fittings ensures the attachment is secure and properly fitted. Personalized recreations and DIY projects also require various fittings. Hooks, clips, shackles, pulleys, turnbuckles, and thimbles are some examples of fittings useful in these applications. Wire rope fittings are necessary gear for professional rock climbers. Stage play productions would also use wire rope for both props and stunts. More practically, these wire rope fittings are needed to transport cargo from a ship to a dock or from an aircraft to a hangar.

    Wire Rope Tools & Accessories

    Wire cutters, sometimes called diagonal pliers or snips are the most common tools required in a wide range of wire rope applications. It has sharpened edges instead of grips. Big and heavy cutters can cut through thick wire gauges. Most cutters also have insulation properties. Other tools and accessories – bolt cutters, swages – have multiple uses in various applications. If you’re unsure about what you need to effectively get your wire rope secure and fitted properly, contact us and we’ll assist you find the best solution for your particular application.

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