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    Types of Coated Wire Rope

    Types of Coated Wire Rope

    • Wire Rope Info
    • 20 - 12 - 2018
    • By Wire Rope Australia
    Types of Coated Wire Rope

    PVC-coated wire rope, nylon-coated wire rope, or no coating at all? Unsure about which of these is appropriate for your application? Read on and find out.

    Coated wire rope has a plastic or nylon coating which enhances the rope’s resistance to both corrosion and wear-and-tear. It also provides a soft protective shield for stainless steel and galvanized wire ropes. Nylon is hard wearing, that is, very abrasion resistant and mostly immune to peeling.

    Coated Wire Colours

    Manufacturers produce coated wire rope in a variety of colours but the most popular being white, black, and clear. Perhaps due to practical aesthetics, neutral colours blend more easily into the background. Coated wires can appear invisible or non-existent from a reasonable distance, making it popular choice for rigging and suspension applications in many industries.

    Coated Wire Applications

    Both PVC coated wire and nylon coated wire are used in a wide range of applications. Both are best suited if you require a protective layer for

    • shielding goods,
    • running quietly over a pulleyor
    • where protection from injury is required for animals or humans

    Plastic coated wire is best for a variety of aquaculture, farming, agriculture, animal husbandry, public stadiums, and zoos. Nylon coated wire is ideal for pulley applications that require silent operation.

    Which Industries Use Coated Wire Rope?

    • Transport industry uses coated wire rope in slings and strops for unloading cargo.
    • Health clubs and gyms use coated wires on the adjustable pulleys of gym equipment.
    • Theatre productions utilize coated wires for pulling up or lowering down props, and for rigging theatre lighting.The event hire industry use coated wire for rigging marquees and stages
    • In construction sites and similar height safety and restraint applications, coated wire is used for lanyards restraint cables

    Safety Tip:

    When swaging or attaching fittings onto coated wire rope, remove the wire rope coating before applying the fittings. This accomplishes two important things – it avoids slipping and it maximises the strength of the joint. Ready to choose wire rope for your application? Fill out the enquiry form on the right or contact us for assistance.

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